OLIVE 3.0 available NOW!

Finally OLIVE 3 has been released in the spring of 2008. Many new features including custom Layout areas and 3D visulizations. Peer inside the complete list....

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Optical Layout Including Video Elements


OLIVE is a simple to use optical system layout program.  It was designed to be an extremely intuitive graphical tool for quickly and accurately prototyping simple optical systems with off-the-shelf or custon designed single or multi element optical systems.

OLIVE's functionality is centered around the interactive Layout Area. The idea is to select an optic and place it on the Layout Area. Now you can grab and and move the elements as if they were lenses on an optical table. The lenses move along the optical axis and the chief , marginal, and max field-of-view rays trace in real-time. This gives you an immediate
idea of how different optics will effect your design

OLIVE 3 requires a minimum viewing area of 1024 x 768. OLIVE looks best when viewed in either High Color or True Color mode. With OLIVE, there is no learning curve and no need to remember arcane optical parameters. System definition is a snap: simply specify an object size and distance OR desired field-of-view (FOV) OR desired image or sensor size. Olive does the rest. 

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